A Pixa Internship – Madison Sorensen

May 25, 2022

A Pixa Internship – Madison Sorensen

May 25, 2022

These past few months I have had the pleasure of interning at Pixa Creative. It was super exciting to get to work in a closely-knit marketing agency with some cool clients. Under the guidance of my manager Marie, I accomplished many things and gained various skills through this awesome experience.

Some of my internship highlights include:

  • Working on a super top-secret project, of which I can’t write in detail, but I got real-world practice utilizing common marketing concepts and practices such as market and competitor research, buyer and user personas, product concepts, general branding, and brand messaging.
  • Managing clients’ social media accounts and gaining experience with social media tools like Hootsuite and Sendible.
  • Aiding in the creation of Google campaigns, through which I learned more about Google advertising.
  • I also assisted in crafting email campaigns using Constant Contact.
  • Giving presentations, attending meetings, and much more!

Overall, I had a really great internship experience that allowed me to grow as a marketer and help launch me into my career. I feel I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and expertise that I wasn’t able to get from my coursework alone. Everyone on the team was helpful and encouraging of my progress through my projects and task. Just a wonderful group of fun people to be around! I also loved going into their fun office space and seeing all the cool things coming out of the Print Lab!

Thank you to everyone on the team for making my experience a terrific one!

–  Madison Sorensen


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