the challenge

Website Refresh
A website is often the first impression an audience has of a brand and AzCA wanted to make sure their website was up to date and easy to use. So they called Pixa.
We set out to simplify the structure, making content easy to navigate, all while maintaining brand consistency.

our approach

Maintain the Brand
AzCA’s brand is colorful and clean and we wanted that to shine throughout the site.

New Features
We added in new features, including translation and calendar features, as well as a section for podcasts. Another addition was the map feature. With multiple locations, we wanted an easy to use solution for the contact page. The answer was an interactive map that pops up with the address when hovered over.

the happy-ever-after

Our data shows 179 Visits per Day to the Site, which equals 3.2K Visitors per month! The result is a successful launch and a smooth functioning website that Pixa will continue to maintain.

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