Create more time for clients

May 9, 2019

Create more time for clients

May 9, 2019

I think we’ve all said there’s just not enough time in the day at one point or another. If only we could create more time. More time to focus on the things that matter. For some that might be slowing down to enjoy the perfect burrito even though it’s a 20 minute ride from the office and your lunch break is 30 minutes.  But what if you could create more time in your business for your clients? Not as great as more burrito time, arguably, but still pretty good, right?

If there are things you do over and over in your business, you should ask yourself ‘could this be automated?‘ For example, we order business cards every time there’s a new staff member hired. So the process goes something like this: gather the information from the new hire, send it to the printer to request the project, approve the cost, review the proof, send it to the new hire to check, send changes back to the printer for revisions etc. There are a lot of touches that could be streamlined here. The answer?  A Pixa Portal, also know as web-to-print or a collateral management system.

Take a look and see how Serenity, a local hospice and palliative care service found efficiencies by using the  Pixa Portal.

Company Profile: Serenity provides customized hospice care services in Maricopa and Pinal counties. They are devoted to offering the best hospice and palliative care, ensuring a high quality of life is experienced by each and every patient. They offer a wide range of services for hospice and palliative care including home visits, personal care assistance such as grooming and bathing, medication management, medical equipment, and more.


Client Needs:

Company Goals:

  • Keep sales team supplied with appropriate materials, face to face and connecting to meet key business objectives.
  • Create a system that is easy to use. Make staff transitions seamless with simplified training and order processing.
  • Enable multiple employees to order, with less touches, so they can concentrate on more important work.
  • Peace of mind— everyone has what they need to do a good job and serve their clients.

Our approach was to provide Serenity with a custom W2P portal that would suit their needs and meet their goals. We started by gathering all of their collateral and provided an audit on that collateral, only keeping what was relevant and still in use. Anything obsolete was retired. We then centralized all print materials on the server and provided the ability to breakout departmental collateral to simplify ordering.

“The ability to place orders for our frequently used print items on the web site has been a real PLUS to maintaining proper inventory levels of documents. We especially appreciate the ability to customize the highest volume of printing we order – business cards. And of course, the very timely delivery of the product after order is one of the hallmarks of PIXA.”

– Jeff Cooper, Serenity Hospice & Palliative Care, Director of Business Development

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