Current Design Trends

Jul 6, 2022

Current Design Trends

Jul 6, 2022

Summer 2022

Trends come and go, as we all know. That’s what makes them “trendy” after all. Curious about the latest trends in design? Look no further.

Creative Market’s 2022 Summer Trend Report is out. Let’s check out this summer’s hottest design trends!


Psychedelic Design

Crazy color palettes, quirky illustrations and unexpected typography OH MY! This trend is all about being loud and colorful with mind-bending designs.


Rebellious Typography

This is the summer that type threw out the rulebook! Gone are the days of symmetry and uniformity. Think free-flowing and fluid letters that don’t align to any axis.


Seaside Vibes

Think carefree, coastal road trips and then translate that vibe into your designs. Natural textures, oceanic color palettes and organic elements create this easy, relaxing trend.


What are your thoughts? Will these trends outlast the season or are they just a fun fling you’ll remember as the Summer of ’22?

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