Nov 3, 2021

Design Trends of 2022

The importance of graphic design cannot be overlooked. In fact, design could make or break your brand. You may have a great message, but it could get lost in the visual clutter of a busy piece. A designer knows how to elevate your message with color, imagery and composition to increase its chance to be received by your ideal consumer.

Designers also stay up to date on current trends to keep your brand relevant. But what are design trends, you may wonder? Well, like all trends, they change and evolve over time. But we’ve compiled a list of what we think will be popular upcoming design trends in 2022 to give you a head start.

Design Trends of 2022

Geometric Shapes & Simplicity
Abstract, organic shapes have been a popular trend in recent years and we see that being replaced with more structured, geometric shapes. Plan to see these shapes used in patterns, logos and layouts. In particularly, we see them showing up more and more in portraying data simply. Think infographics and charts that use geometric forms to streamline data and get a point across at a glance.

Serif Fonts
For a long time, sans serif fonts have been used to express a modern feel, while serif fonts traditionally exuded classical, old style vibes. We see the serif making a modern comeback. Think refined serif embellishments that are elegant, timeless and fresh, yet still evoke a sense of nostalgia.

We mentioned that we foresee data being visually simplified in the coming years, and we predict that symbols will play a big part. Because symbols typically lack text, they become universal in nature, meaning your message can potentially cross language barriers if done right.

Pastels & Muted Colors
It’s no surprise that 2020 & 2021 have seen a lot of people at home, on their screens. It only makes sense for color trends to go in a more soothing direction. Muted colors are just easier on the eyes. Softer colors also feel more organic and natural, making it a nice contrast to the digital world.

Only time will truly tell if our predictions have rung true!




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