Jul 28, 2020

Develop a dimensional mail strategy that’s sure to deliver

This isn’t your run of the mill direct mail campaign. Get creative and get integrated. It takes work and creativity to get in front of these prospects.

A dimensional mailing starts with good quality data. You must have a clear understanding of who your prospect is, the challenges they have, and how you can help.

From there you have to get past the gatekeeper and if you’ve thought of how to do all that with an integrated messaging and multi-channel approach you’ll have a dimensional mail strategy that’s sure to deliver.

Dimensional mailings are effective, but if you’re mailing is integrated with multiple outbound and digital touch points and you’ve considered how to reach the people who influence your key prospects, you’ll see the effectiveness of your campaign soar. You want to look at ways to envelop your prospects. This may include an outbound telephone strategy, email outreach, targeted social media ads, banner or retargeting ads or you can even purchase a billboard your prospect sees everyday on her way to the office.

You want to hear from your prospect, so give them a couple ways to get in touch with you by setting up multiple response channels:

  • Set up a trackable phone number. This is a measurable response channel so you know if your mailing has made an impression.
  • Setup a personalized URL. This is the heavyweight of response channels because it allows you to customize the message your prospect sees once he gets your mailer.
  • A personalized URL can also take advantage of “send to a friend” functionality. So the information available through the pURL can be forwarded to others in the company.

That’s how you develop a dimensional mailing strategy that’s sure to deliver.

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