Different Types of Business Mail Classes

Aug 10, 2022

Different Types of Business Mail Classes

Aug 10, 2022

There are different types of mail, called mail classes. You may be more familiar with some versus others, especially if you’ve ever sent out direct mail pieces as part of a campaign. The one you should choose depends on factors like the content of your mailing, how quickly you need to reach your customers, postage prices and presort requirements.

There are 2 Types of Business Mail Classes

First Class Mail
First Class mail comes at either a discounted rate or at full price. Full price is used when you stick a stamp onto a piece of mail manually. So, it’s usually for personal mail or low quantities. When used for business purposes, it’s most likely used at a discounted rate. To obtain this lower rate, you need a business mail permit and a minimum of 500 pieces. First Class Mail is not used for advertising purposes, but rather for a letter, bill or statement. It typically reaches the recipient in 2-5 days.

USPS Marketing Mail
USPS Marketing Mail is used for, yep-you guessed it, marketing! This is what mail class you would use if your mailing includes an obvious advertisement for a product or service or is clearly asking for a donation. There is a minimum of 200 mail pieces or 50 pounds of mail (whichever is less). This mail class also requires a business mail permit and rates are very discounted. These mail pieces typically reach the recipient in 3-10 days.


Note: nonprofit mail falls under this mail class but is priced even lower. In order to qualify, you’ll need prior authorization from USPS and there are additional rules and requirements.


Confused? Don’t worry, Pixa can help you determine which mail class is right for you and work with you to set up a successful direct mail campaign!

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