Direct Mail Checklist

Jul 20, 2022

Direct Mail Checklist

Jul 20, 2022

Working on a direct mail campaign? We made a checklist for you so nothing gets forgotten!


Set Yourself up for Success

✓ Determine your objectives

✓ Determine your timeline

✓ Review best practices for your industry


Know Your Audience

✓ Identify your ideal customers

✓ Nail down the data points to be as specific as possible

✓ Use variable data to target different segments of your audience if appropriate


Get Your Mailing List

✓ Choose a list

✓ Make sure the data is clean and accurate

✓ Explore EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) to get specific geographic targeting


Design Your Mailing

✓ Determine the best size and format of your mailing

✓ Create compelling copy and design

✓ Check all the details



✓ Pay for the appropriate postage and prep your piece for the Post Office


Track Your Success

✓ Decide ahead of time what your goals are

✓ Measure key performance indicators



Don’t want to do it yourself? Don’t worry, Pixa can help you set up a successful direct mail campaign!

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