Direct Mail Works

Sep 23, 2021

Direct Mail Works

Sep 23, 2021

In today’s digital world, you may doubt the efficacy of direct mail. But let us reassure you with some cold, hard facts. According to USPS Customer & Market Insights, 50% of people have tried a new product, service or establishment in the past six months after receiving a direct mail piece. Need more? How about that 81% of people reported that they look forward to checking the mail every day.

The stats don’t lie. Direct mail messaging is more persuasive than digital. It’s also easier for our brains to process direct mail messaging.

So now that we know it works, how can we take direct mail even further?

WITH AUTOMATION, of course! And that means we need to talk about triggers. In marketing, a trigger is anything that creates an automated response. Because you choose what the trigger is, you can create a more personalized response, thereby creating a better user experience for your customer. A trigger example could be a new inquiry from your website or a lapse in a subscription. It can even be an abandoned online shopping cart.

Let’s see how direct mail can use triggers using Customer Clark as an example.

Clark just filled out a form on your website, showing that he is interested in your services and would like to learn more. That trigger sets off an automated mailer with more information about the services he chose online and contact information for the closest location.

Or how about Clark fills his shopping cart online but doesn’t purchase. After a set period of time, this triggers a mailer to go out that includes a product image of what he was interested in buying, as well as a discount to entice him to complete his purchase.

Ok, so how do we get started?

You simply need to figure out what triggers make sense for your business. Is there a point in your sales funnel where communication ends or prospects disappear? Start there, determine the trigger, and then decide what your direct mail piece will communicate.

For an even easier solution, call Pixa! We can help with all of your direct mail needs, including strategy, design, printing & mailing.

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