Nov 3, 2021

Does your Company Need a Linkedin Page?

Have you considered whether having a Linkedin page for your company is worth anything? Maybe you have a personal account, maybe you don’t BUT having a company page is beneficial for many reasons, outlined below.

  1. It allows your company to be front and center. Your business page should be publicly visible, unlike your personal account which might be private (or even nonexistent). Having a public account means your content can be shared across the internet, increasing both your brand awareness and your SEO.
  2. Your employees can help share content and serve as representatives of your brand. Any time an employee updates their experience, visitors will be able to access your company page easily since their page will include a link to their employer.
  3. Linkedin allows you to view analytics that can help you to measure how well your updates and posts are doing. These statistics aren’t available on personal profiles-which only show how many comments and likes a post receives. Having access to more robust analytics helps you to see what type of content is getting the best results so you can tailor future posts to perform even better.
  4. You can pin important posts to the top of your page. Unlike traditional social media, where posts get filtered chronologically, A Linkedin company page can have items pinned to the top of your news feed, ensuring that you control what people see first when they land on your page.So, it just might be time to create your company page on Linkedin today!




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