Jan 5, 2021

Don’t Make These Mailing Mistakes!

Mailing shouldn’t cost you unnecessary time, money and hassle! 

Make sure you are efficiently handling your mailings and not making these 4 BIG MAILING MISTAKES

Mistake #1: Not Saving Money On Metered Mail

Did you know that you can save 5 cents on every piece of first-class mail by using a postage meter? And there is no limit to the number of mail pieces, so the savings could quickly add up!

Mistake #2: Manually Processing Mail

Are you spending time stuffing envelopes-or worse, licking them?! There are machines that automate this. So you can buy one of those machines and find a place to put it, then spend days reading the manual…or you call us. We already have one and know how to use it.

Mistake #3: Not Outsourcing

You can outsource part of your mailing-or better yet-ALL OF IT! Spend your valuable time doing what you do best-and outsource the mailing to people who do that best-like us! We do mailing!

Mistake #4: Not Caring About Data

How up-to-date is your mailing list? People move and things change. Invest some time and energy into cleaning up your data. Data hygiene is important! 

Speaking of mail…here’s a FREE guide all about direct mail!


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