Oct 15, 2019

Drive out unnecessary touchpoints with your web-2-print system

How many people does it take to get business cards for your new employee? Using a Pixa Print Portal, it’s easy.

You might think something as small as a business card would be relatively easy to produce, right? Well for many companies, getting a new employee business cards looks a little something like this:

A manger notifies HR that there is a new employee. HR sends the manager a form that the manager then sends to the new employee to be filled out. Once filled out, the new employee sends the form back to the manager, who then needs to contact IT to have the email set up for the new employee. Next, the manager sends the form off to HR. HR sends the form to a designer to lay out the business card. The proof of the card is sent by the designer back to HR, who passes it along to the manager, who gets it to the new employee for review. If there are any revisions, it goes back through the chain to the designer and then all the way back again to the new employee. Finally, once approved, HR will send the card to the printer. Once produced, the printer ships the cards to HR, who sends them to the manager, who gives the cards to the new employee. And finally, the process is complete.

Not so simple is it? In fact, there are many steps of back and forth between numerous employees, which wastes time and money. All for something relatively minor like a business card. A print portal is designed to drive out these unnecessary touchpoints and allow for items to get produced in a more cost effective and efficient manner. So a print portal may take the above scenario and have it look something like this:

The new employee submits the business card information online. Once approved, the manager submits the order to the printer, who produces the cards and ships them directly back. Now that’s easy!

Are you ready to streamline your workflows?



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