Email Marketing Must Haves

Feb 3, 2022

Email Marketing Must Haves

Feb 3, 2022

I think we were all hoping that by 2022 there would be a replacement for email. Or at least we’d all have personal robots by now who could clear out our inboxes for us each morning. But alas, it looks like email won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so let’s make sure we are using it to the best of its potential.


First up, check that subject line.

This is the first thing someone sees in their inbox and it’s really the test. Will they or won’t they open it? Was your subject line compelling or intriguing enough? Or did its blandness send your email straight to the trash? Be sure to take some time crafting your subject line. Create a sense of urgency or an air of mystery if possible. But also keep it short. I know, a tough ask. Just do your best. That’s all we can do at this point.


Next, make it personal.

You got them to open it, now speak to them directly. Use their name. And then offer a small transition sentence before jumping straight to your offer or ask. Show some respect, will ya? A simple “ How’s the New Year treating you” will suffice. Or lead with a short personal anecdote. This helps people ease into your email so they don’t feel bombarded with BUY BUY BUY! It also helps to create a more authentic connection with your reader.


Ok, we’re at the call to action.

We’ve come too far to mess up now! Be clear with what you want to happen. Don’t leave it up to the reader. Do you want them to contact you? Say that. Do you want them to click through to your new product? Say that. Do you want them to reply to your email? Probably not…but say that if you do!


Now, none of this matters if you ignore the basics.

Make sure your email is legible, first and foremost. Don’t use this as an excuse to try out fancy fonts or use a busy background. Keep it simple with a clean font at 14point and plenty of white space to go around. And then remember to EDIT. Typos will kill you. Not literally, thankfully, although you may want to die from embarrassment. But it will kill your professionalism. Have another set of eyes (preferably ones that belong to a grammar nerd) read your message if possible before hitting send.


And that’s it! Ok, that may seem like alot for a little old email, but emails can be really powerful marketing tools if done correctly. SO GO FORTH AND EMAIL! At least until our personal robot assistants arrive.

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