Get the Most Out of a Trade Show with Displays and Promo Items

Mar 1, 2022

Get the Most Out of a Trade Show with Displays and Promo Items

Mar 1, 2022

You may have taken a break from trade shows in the recent years due to the pandemic but this may be the year to get back out there. So you might as well do it in style. Consider it your comeback…to the world of corporate conferences.

Conferences, trade shows, expos-whatever you want to call them-can be a large part of your marketing efforts, especially for some industries. Whether you go to just one big event annually or several smaller ones, your visual presence should never be an afterthought.

While you may think you’re saving money by showing up with a folding table and some dusty brochures, the lack of a polished set up could actually be costing you money in the end. You need to think of your presence at a trade show as a representation of your entire company. It should be professional and on brand. It should also be visually appealing enough to catch people’s attention enough to draw them into your booth, where you can close the deal.

So, this year, invest in some booth displays and accessories.

There are so many possibilities these days, whether you want something simple and clean or with features bursting at the seams. With tech integrations, the limit is your imagination-social media, lighting and audio displays, demos, etc.

And then, don’t forget the promo items!

Believe it or not, people love conference swag. And if you choose wisely, your item may be just the thing that keeps you top of mind. Go with something standard and practical, like a branded pen, microfiber cloth or water bottle. These items are more likely to have a longer life span, as the prospect will hold onto them for their functionality.

Or choose to make an impact and garner attention at the event with a unique item.

Something that will get people talking and direct people to your booth, like a really nice jacket, wireless phone charging dock, luxury candle or something more humorous (think a giant foam finger). Or put a few items together in your own tote to create a mini swag bag of your own.

It really depends on your industry and your brand personality. Find something that will represent your company and keep people engaged. With Pixa Promo, you can research thousands of items to help promote your business and get people to remember your booth exhibit long after the conference ends. And we’ll handle the vendors, customization and ordering.

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