Get the Most out of Your Mailing with Pixa Post!

Aug 13, 2019

Get the Most out of Your Mailing with Pixa Post!

Aug 13, 2019

Pixa Post helps you get the most out of direct mail!

Direct mail is a powerful tool for marketing. But that power increases significantly when integrated with digital channels. But how do you build an integrated campaign, you ask? Well that’s where Pixa Post comes in.

We’ve combined direct mail with online advertising and campaign tracking to bring you results. It’s like the triple threat of the marketing world! And most importantly for you,it’s easy to use!Benefits of Pixa Post include:

  • Call Tracking
    Call tracking provides you with a unique phone number that you can place on your direct mail pieces in order to distinguish which callers found you through that specific campaign. It allows you to see the exact data and results of your campaigns, which lets you quality check for better results as they’re rolling in — and in the future.

    As an added benefit, call tracking will also help you monitor your customer service. Every call is recorded by call tracking software, so you’ll have the opportunity to listen in and understand your customer’s needs better, as well as how your team can better serve them. You’ll spot patterns and shortfalls easily so you can educate your staff and satisfy your customers. And when your staff knows their calls will be recorded, they are more likely to provide their best customer service.

  • Online Follow Up
    Your Pixa Post campaign includes a Google campaign that displays follow-up ads to your prospects all across the internet, keeping leads warm until they’re ready to buy. Why is that important? Have you heard of the Rule of 7? In marketing, it’s the theory that your prospects need to come across your offer 7 times, on average, before they’re ready to take notice. Showing up where they’re at online through your display ads is a great way to climb up to that 7th touch point and get closer to a conversion.
  • Social Media Follow Up
    In addition to online follow up, we can also set you up with social media follow up. By re-marketing your ad on Facebook, you are able to stay in front of your top prospects. In fact, Facebook has over 1.65 BILLION monthly users and that number keeps climbing.
  • Social Match
    We are now able to match 40-60% of your mailing list with their associated Facebook and Instagram accounts, which means you can begin marketing your ad to your audience while your piece is still in the mail. SocialMatch is a 14-day program that begins displaying ads the day your mailing piece goes out. This means that by the time your piece hits mailboxes, your audience is already familiar with your brand. That familiarity can increase response rates drastically!


And to keep things nice and organized, we have all of this data tracked and compiled in one dashboard.

You can easily see how many times the online follow up ads have been shown, and how many times people clicked on them to visit your website. This allows you to measure your campaign successfully.

 Ready for the power of Pixa Post?

Great! We can get you set up! Give us a call at 480.380.2201 to get started.

To learn more about direct mail, snag our free guide below!

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