Aug 15, 2019

How to make sure your dimensional mailing list is awesome

A successful dimensional mail campaign is dependent on a quality list. Do you know what it takes to check your mailing list?

Dimensional mail can be a powerful way to make an impact on your target audience. Let’s emphasize “target audience” because without it going to the right people, that dimensional mailer is just a waste. A very expensive waste.

Unlike regular mail, dimensional mail is dimensional–meaning that it has mass and shape and weight. It’s like that scene from Jurassic Park when Timmy finds those night vision goggles in the Jeep and the doomed lawyer asks if they’re heavy. When Timmy says yes, the soon-to-be-T Rex-snack responds “then they’re expensive. Put em back.”

The last thing you want to do is mail a heavy item and have it miss the mark, so let’s make sure your dimensional mailing list is awesome. To do that, you need to vet your data. Every contact in your list needs to be validated and verified for accuracy. Yes, it takes a bit of work on your end, but it’s imperative.

Here are some tips for validating your list:

  • Google is a great resource for looking up company websites and other publicly available information
  • LinkedIn can help you verify job titles and other information that should be updated regularly
  • Legal filings and compliance documents can be helpful as well

Ultimately, if you can’t verify all your contacts, you need to decide if it’s a gamble worth taking. You can always remove contacts you aren’t sure about.


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