Feb 8, 2022

Informed Delivery

No joke, my husband came home the other day and told me he downloaded this app that shows you what mail you’re getting each day. He was SO excited. And I was so excited to tell him that yes, it’s called Informed Delivery and I have been blogging about it for years. It’s not often that I know about something before my tech-obsessed spouse, so this felt like a win.


But he had every right to be excited. Informed Delivery is really cool. Who doesn’t get excited checking the mail everyday? Now you can “check the mail” on your phone, from wherever. With this new service, you get to see what is going to magically appear in your mailbox each morning. So when you get home that afternoon, you already know (and have emotionally processed) what bills are waiting for you or you’re even more excited to see that birthday card from your grandma, who still insists on sending you cold hard cash every year like you’re forever twelve. Thank you, grandma. And thank you, United States Postal Service!


And what’s even better is the marketing capabilities that go along with Informed Delivery. On the marketer’s end, it allows you to generate multiple impressions from a single piece of mail, as well as increases the longevity of a campaign. Each ad is visible for multiple days and you can create additional CTAs and graphics that may not even be included in the physical mail piece. Plus, every member of a household that signs up can view the mail versus just the person who physically checks the mailbox. This means, one person may toss out a piece while another person can still grab the offer through Informed Delivery.


Exciting, right?! Are you in for Informed Delivery?


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