Nov 14, 2019

It’s more than a print portal, it’s a supply chain management system

Think streamlined efficiency, cost effectiveness, and centralized brand control.

In order to understand the power of a print portal, you need to understand the lifecycle of a document. This includes how each piece of collateral is created, approved, produced, distributed, used and replenished. When used correctly, it becomes a supply chain management system that can keep your brand intact.

One of the benefits of a collateral management system is that administrators can give users the ability to create customized documents while controlling their brand. For example let’s say a marketing department of a commercial real estate company wants to give brokers the ability to create property flyers, but they want to make sure those flyers stay on brand. A collateral management system can be configured to allow brokers to upload their own photos, include their own copy and provide specific contact information. The system oversees the format, layout, typeface and logo use.

To properly set up a web-to-print portal, think beyond the specs a document. It’s a lot more than the type of paper you use. When it comes to supply chain management, it’s important to think of how to drive touches out of your process. Our goal is to eliminate as much waste as we can. This means looking at everything from how orders are placed and approved to how billing workflows can streamline accounting. By addressing pinch points along an entire supply chain, you can save time, eliminate waste and ensure accuracy. And this leads to big savings.

By carefully thinking through how a collateral management system would be used, you can create a process that will cost effectively get the right materials to the right people at the right time.




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