Landing Pages for Webinars

Tips & Tricks for getting the most out of your webinar landing page.


Hosting a webinar? That’s great! Webinars can be really powerful tools for businesses to engage with their audience. Imagine having the attention of your ideal audience…you could give them a demo of your product, share educational content that promotes your value, or showcase your business’s unique services and place in the market.

However, you won’t see any benefits if no one shows up for the actual event…which leads us to landing pages. This is where you can successfully promote your webinar and encourage attendees to sign up. So, here are a few of our tried and true tips for a webinar landing page that converts:

Show Value

As soon as someone lands on your page (hey, is that why it’s called a landing page?!), you need to effectively communicate the value of what your webinar will provide. And you need to do it quickly, before the viewer loses interest and moves along in life. So, think of a compelling and attention-grabbing headline. Then, go into a bullet list or paragraph that further explains the value in an easy-to-digest manner.

Call to Action

You’d be surprised how many people fail at this step. They assume it’s obvious but the viewer actually is left confused as to what to do next, so ultimately they leave, having done nothing. Instead, make sure your call to action is strong and clear. Have a distinct button that clearly says “Sign Up” or “Register” so the viewer doesn’t have to think twice about where to click. While it can be tempting to infuse a bit more personality in your copy, make sure to leave the CTA simple and straightforward.

Be Thorough, Yet Brief

Yes, it sounds contradictory, but there’s a fine balance between not enough content and too much. Make sure to include the key information about the webinar, like time, date, the speakers, special promotions and the general overview but don’t get into the actual webinar content. Leave the viewer wanting more, so they have a reason to sign up.

Appealing Design

You know the saying “you eat with your eyes first”? Well the same is true of information. You take in all the visuals of what you are seeing before you consume the actual content. So make sure that design is considered and thoughtful. Include a cohesive color palette, legible fonts and graphics that coordinate with the topic and grab the attention of the viewer. Plus, a well designed landing page adds to your credibility.

Mobile Viewing

Most people will view this landing page on their phone, so make sure it is responsive and optimized for mobile.

Include Testimonials

Much like reading reviews helps you to feel confident in a purchase, seeing a testimonial from previous attendees will help prospects feel more comfortable signing up for your webinar.


As soon as you go live, you need to test, test, test! Ensure everything is working properly, and then check again. Click on all buttons and links and view on multiple devices. This could also include A/B testing, where you may create 2 landing pages with differing headlines and CTAs to see which covert better.

There you have it! Some easy and quick tips to get more engagement on your webinar landing pages.

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