Landing Pages that Stick the Landing

May 17, 2022

Landing Pages that Stick the Landing

May 17, 2022

Looking to level up your landing pages? We’ve got you! We’ve compiled a list of tips to make the most out of your landing pages.


Keep it Clean

A big mistake we often see is too much information on a landing page. We know you have so much to say about your product or service and you want to cover every base, but trust us, that’s not the best practice. Instead, keep it clean. Start with a compelling headline, add a short blurb and jazz it up by pointing out the top 3 features. Then, make sure your CTA is clear.


Make it BOLD

Don’t be afraid to use color, especially if it makes sense for your brand. Perhaps put your offer in a large color blocked area to really draw the eye to it. Or use bold imagery to captivate the viewer. Just remember tip 1 and don’t visually clutter the page. You could even go bold through a lack of color. Imagine a black and white page with just strategic areas in color, like the headline and CTA.


Show Value

Sometimes we get so caught up in specific features or pricing that we forget to convey the WHY behind it. WHY should someone use your product or service? Yes, maybe it’s on sale or you’re pointing out it’s durability. etc. But what problem is it solving? Remember to show the value you bring to the table over specific features.


Make it Easy

The worst thing you can do is get someone to click on your CTA only to lose them because you’re asking for 20 form fields to be filled out. Keep it simple. Ask for only the bare necessities and consider giving the option for people to sign up with their google accounts. This will enable an autofill feature, making it almost too easy for someone not to sign up.


Be Interactive

Allowing the user a chance to interact with the page is one of the best ways to keep them engaged. Consider having a game of some sort on your page, or a simple quiz. Perhaps you can set up a demo that users can play around with. The more fun you can make it, the better chance you have of getting results.

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