Let’s Get Personal with 2023 Marketing Automation Trends

Hey, you (wouldn’t this be better with your first name here?)! You know how Pixa feels about the importance and effectiveness of getting personal, but did you know automation can help you take personalization to the next level? Let’s take a look at a few marketing automation trends that should be on your radar for 2023. Are you using any of these yet?


Think Personal and Omnichannel

Thinking personal is not about reaching customers through only one platform. Communicating with your customers may come by way of email, SMS notifications, in-app notifications, and targeted ads on social media platforms. Having an omnichannel presence will provide a smoother customer experience and allow you to reach your audience more effectively. Keep in mind it’s not about simply having many channels, but about making those channels work together for a quality, holistic customer experience.


Personalization or Hyper-Personalization?

Keep that personalized email subject line or first name greeting but take it a step further. It’s time to get hyper-personal with tailored content and predictive recommendations. Marketing automation and AI tools can help you determine user engagement to know their likes and preferences, and even their preferred mode of communication. Communicating with content that is customer-specific at the right time, based on their needs, is a definite win. Personalization or hyper-personalization? The answer is yes.


Enhance the User Experience with Chatbots

What saves you time and allows for 24/7 responses to customers? If you answered Chatbots, you’re on to something! Making each step of your buyer’s experience positive and seamless so they’ll enjoy the process and return to purchase again, means paying attention to your customers. Responding quickly to questions, concerns, and inquiries across multiple platforms can be improved and easier for you to manage with automation. Chatbot automation can be personalized when replying and there are many languages available to reach your global audience. Add to that the ability to answer multiple customers at the same time and what do you get? Your life is simplified and your customer’s experience more positive with higher conversion rates.

So, remember to get personal (and hyper-personal)! Using technology can help you connect personally and emotionally with your customers, provide a more individualized purchasing experience, and reach your priority target audiences at the right time and right place, no matter their digital channel of choice. Try putting into place some of these marketing automation trends this year to improve personalization in your business.

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