Pixa Actions Regarding COVID-19

Mar 12, 2020

Pixa Actions Regarding COVID-19

Mar 12, 2020

At Pixa, we recognize that we are an important part of the supply chain for many of our clients. I wanted to take a moment to address our response to the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus).

Over the last several weeks, we have had ongoing communication with experts from our trade associations and insurance company, as well as risk management professionals.  All sources have advised us to operate with an abundance of caution, while recognizing there is a very small chance that the virus will affect our day-to-day operations. 

Following the advice of the CDC, we have implemented a plan to increase the frequency at which we clean our facilities that includes daily sanitation of door handles, phones, keyboards and appliances. We have also implemented an increased focus on employee education.  At this stage, we know that our best line of defense is a more rigorous focus on overall hygiene.   

As part of our business continuity plan, we are prepared to have support staff work from home while having production employees work in a manufacturing environment that naturally incorporates some social distancing.  All Tier 1 vendors in our supply chain have business continuity plans to help ensure continued service.  While we have a small number of specialty vendors that may not have continuity plans, we do not expect to have any interruption in service that we aren’t able to adapt to.  Historically we have used promotional product vendors in China – as part of our continuity plan we have identified alternative products that are manufactured domestically and shifted subsequent orders to U.S. based manufacturing facilities. 

We are a “people focused” organization, and that idea lies at the center of everything we do. We will always put the health and safety of our team and clients at the center of our decisions.  Should we need to implement our continuity plan, we will have regular updates available on our website and via e-newsletter outreach. 

We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Ted Raymond


For additional resources on the ongoing COVID-19 situation, please visit the following:




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