Social Media Prompts 2022

It’s a fresh new year, full of fresh opportunities. And those opportunities might well be on your social media. In fact, with the pandemic, social media marketing may just be more important than ever. So, roll up your sleeves, get out your content calendar and take notes on some easy prompts to give your social media a boost this new year.

Host a contest!

People love free things and you’ll love having them tag their friends and share your account to enter. So pick a product or service and give it away to one lucky follower, while you win big at spreading awareness of your company.

Run a Poll

If you haven’t noticed lately, people LOVE giving their opinions. Usually, unsolicited, yes, but hey, let’s capitalize on it anyway and ask for them. That’s right, run a poll. Ask your audience what their favorites are between your products or services. Ask them what they’d like to see more of in 2022 from you. you can even ask them what they don’t like about you, if you’re brave.  The answers may surprise you! And either way, the added engagement doesn’t hurt.

Offer a Discount

A new year means a fresh start, so it’s time to get ahead on spring cleaning. Offer a sale on any inventory you need to move to make room for new products. Or team up with other people in your industry for a larger giveaway.

Behind the Scenes

Consider taking your audience behind the curtain. Show them how your products are made or how your business is run. Give them an insider’s peek into a process that’s upcoming or a quick glimpse at a service in progress. Interview your employees in a series. This is a great use of Instagram stories or make a Reel! Or if you’re really brave, host a live Q&A.

Engage Your Customers

Consider sharing customers who have tagged you, especially if they are happy with the product or service. Give them a shout out and thank them for your feedback. If it makes sense for your business, generate a hashtag that customers can use and choose random users monthly for a special discount. Reply to all comments authentically and timely.


Happy social media-ing in 2022!

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