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A Case Study featuring Arizona Autism Charter Schools


Do you ever feel like getting more leads is about as easy as jet-setting to Mars? If you said yes, stick around. We’ll show you how we got out-of-this-world results for one client right here on Earth.



Arizona Autism Charter Schools (AZACS) is the first tuition-free, public charter school in Arizona focused on the educational needs of children with autism. Their mission is to educate students with autism and related disorders using evidence-based strategies grounded in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This model will be delivered by highly trained teachers and staff. The goal is to make this high quality, specialized education accessible to all students with autism in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and beyond.



When AZACS came to us, we discovered 3 main challenges that they were facing. One was simply time. They were in a time crunch and had just one week to launch a campaign. The other challenges included overall limited brand awareness and the difficulties of adapting to a new educational model due to the pandemic. In spite of these challenges, AZACS was hopeful to boost enrollment and we were here to help.



We set a measurable goal of increasing enrollment by 50 students, as well as an overall goal of increasing brand awareness, especially around the online learning programs. We also aimed to position AZACS as the first tuition-free, autism focused public charter school in Arizona. Lastly, we wanted to promote parent information webinars about the online programs.



Taking all of the goals into account, Pixa created a digital marketing strategy designed to achieve results. First, we tackled brand awareness by implementing a Facebook Ad campaign that tied back to a landing page.

Next, we amplified AZACS presence online through Google display ads and Instagram posts. We engaged online even further with custom animated gifs promoting webinars.

Lastly, we focused on converting through Google search.

All in all, multiple ad channels, regular social media posts, webinars and PR contributed to an always-on, successful campaign!



And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…drumroll please!

Not only did we meet our goal of 50 new students, but we EXCEEDED it for a total of 80+ leads, at just $66 per conversion! In fact, the campaign was so successful that AZACS had to pause it after only 2 months to manage the influx of leads.

Other results:

Based on the success of the campaign, AZACS continues to work with Pixa to develop innovative approaches to marketing.


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