The Power of Pixa Post

Feb 11, 2022

The Power of Pixa Post

Feb 11, 2022

Peter Piper may have picked a peck of pickled peppers, but did he promote the power of Pixa Post?

Phew, that was a mouthful, even to type. And now I want a pickle.

But before I go grab a Vlasic (which are the best pickles, prove me wrong), let me walk you through the power that is Pixa Post.

To continue with the Ps, Pixa Post is like the Popeye of direct mail. It’s beefed up marketing, thanks to a mix of online advertising and tracking features, all integrated with direct mail to set you up for success.

What are these added features, you ask?


Call Tracking

Add a trackable phone number to any direct mail piece so you can see the actual fruits of your labor. You can even record and listen to calls to quality check your customer service in real time.

Online Follow Up

Included in Pixa Post is a Google campaign that displays follow up ads to your prospects across the internet, keeping leads warm until they’re ready to buy.

Social Media Follow Up

Social media follow up is an option as well. It will re-market your ad on Facebook so you stay in front of your prospects and meet them where they’re at.

Social Match

We are now able to match 40-60% of your mailing list with their associated Facebook and Instagram accounts, which means you can begin marketing your ad to your audience while your piece is still in the mail. SocialMatch is a 14-day program that begins displaying ads the day your mailing piece goes out. This means that by the time your piece hits mailboxes, your audience is already familiar with your brand. That familiarity can increase response rates drastically!


All of these features are available in one dashboard, where you can conveniently analyze your results. The only thing not included is the pickle that I’m still thinking about.

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