Jun 16, 2020

Understanding pURLs and how to effectively use them

Do you know what a pURL is and how to effectively use it? No, we’re not talking about necklaces and grandmothers. It’s a highly valuable tool that gets results.

A pURL is a personalized url.

That’s just a fancy way of saying it’s a web address with your name in it and it’s a very effective tool for your dimensional mailing campaign.

Benefits of personalized urls include:

  • Higher response rates (people LOVE personalization and seeing their name right in a url makes it more likely for them to respond)
  • The visibility it gives from a reporting standpoint
  • An individualized experience for your audience

But pURLs aren’t right for every campaign. It really depends on the project and what you are trying to accomplish. Typically, they work best on high tech or high ticket products. That’s because there is an investment associated with setting them up. That investment may not be worth it if you’re trying to get people to claim a $5 car wash. However, it makes more sense if you are using pURLs to promote luxury services to a very select mailing list.

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