What can a Web-to-Print portal do for your business?

Sep 30, 2019

What can a Web-to-Print portal do for your business?

Sep 30, 2019

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering an online print portal to manage your collateral. DO IT.

You don’t even need to read the rest of this article, but since you’re here, let me spell it out for you. By the end of this article, you’ll wonder why you were ever hesitant. That’s how powerful print portals can be!

What can a Web-to-Print portal do for your business?

Help your brand look its best

Your brand matters. It’s more than your logo. It’s the fonts, colors, tone of voice, imagery, etc. that you use across every piece of collateral. Every employee in your company should use the same collateral so that your brand is consistent. With a print portal, this is easy peasy.

Everything is uploaded to your portal so that when an employee goes to order brochures, they get the same brochures that were printed last time, on the same paper from the same printer. Every business card across your company matches all the others and everything is cohesive. Your business looks polished and professional. No more employee-designed pieces on cheap copy paper.

Save you Time

If you need a piece of collateral, you don’t want to have to track it down in a dusty closet full of outdated materials.  And if it’s not there, you have to try and remember where you kept the files and who you had print it. Your old secretary, Mary handled it but she’s long retired and you’re wasting time scrambling for answers. Sound familiar?

With W2P, you have everything you need in one place. With the click of a button, you can order what you need, in the quantity that you need it, at a pre-determined price. Then you can get back to more important work.

Lower costs

When using a web to print portal, you are essentially cutting out multiple steps in the process. If you need business cards for a new employee, you don’t have to pay a graphic designer to make the edits. You can upload all of the new employee’s information directly, cutting out all the costs associated with a designer.

And the cost of the actual printing can be lower because the vendor knows you are loyal to them. You wouldn’t set up a W2P shop only to go elsewhere for printing. Because W2P supports a continued business relationship, the printer is likely to offer discounted pricing.

See? The real question should be what CAN’T a Web-to-Print portal do for your business?




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