4 Tips to Improve Your Online Donation Page

Jul 8, 2016

4 Tips to Improve Your Online Donation Page

Jul 8, 2016

Online donations have skyrocketed in recent years, so having an up-to-date website can increase your online donations. Here are some tips on how to improve your online donation page:

Formatting Your Webpage

The key to having an easy-to-navigate donation page is to keep it simple. Use a color palate that is not too flashy; maybe use pastels or if you do use a bright color, contrast it with duller whites, creams, and grays. People are drawn to clean cut and professional looking websites, and having a professional and official looking site can increase trust with you and your potential donor. Another way to grab people’s attention is with images. When you provide a picture of whom the donation is going to help is essentially giving your non-profit a face. Using pictures that grab at people’s heartstrings or invoke emotion is a great way to inspire people to donate to your cause.

Simplify the Donation Process

One surefire way to dissuade a potential donor is making the donation process long and arduous. People usually don’t want to take 10 minutes to fill out three pages of forms. Rather, they will be more likely to fill out a couple boxes. Trimming down the process makes the donation process easier. Another way to get people to donate more is to make people choose a pre-set donation amount. Give people an option of donating $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, etc. People will be more likely to donate more if they don’t have to come up with or input their own amount.

Be Honest

Show somewhere through the donation process exactly where the money donated to your non-profit goes. Being completely transparent with the delegation of your funds is a great way to increase trust between your non-profit and your potential donors. Sadly, there are some non-profits out there who have created a stigma of funds being abused. The only way for your organization to dispel these fears in a donor is to be honest with them from the beginning.

Reoccurring Donations

Giving your potential donors the chance to choose whether they want to donate once or monthly will encourage people to give more than once. For example, if someone gives $2 every month for a year, they will give a total of $24 rather than giving a total of $10 yearly donation. The logic of giving a little bit more often fits with some people rather than giving a lot once.

In today’s “electronic” society, having a way in which people can donate to your non-profit online is almost essential. Be creative with your page, add a personality to your words. Using these tips to create a clean, easy, and open donation page is going to maximize your online presence.

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