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Social media platforms are so powerful you can specify exactly who to target. You can personalize your messages and ads based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more.

You have what they want

With tools like Facebook Custom Audience and LinkedIn In Mail, the Pixa team can help you target donors passionate about what your organization stands for, or customers in need of your specific healthcare services and craft messages and designs that will catch their attention and break through the clutter. You’ll get noticed because you have what they want. Bingo.

we’ll take it from here

If Pixa is managing your social media accounts, please connect those accounts here. That way we never find out that your password is “iloverainbowunicorns1234”, but can still create some killer content for your pages. Win, win!

p.s. Don’t link any accounts unless you have been instructed by the Pixa team to do so. If we haven’t chatted, it’s none of our business!

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