Don’t be a Hoarder! – Online Collateral Management

The ability to create endless mountains of collateral has led to a new problem: how to manage it all. If you piled every bit of material you created over time and put it in your house, someone might accuse you of being a hoarder! Chances are, you do know where everything is, what it’s used for and when it was used. How and where are you keeping track of this? In your head? On a spreadsheet? Old invoices and emails?

Using an online collateral management tool can solve this problem. Most collateral management systems are cloud-based applications allowing for access from most anywhere and by anyone you allow. Where a company before would hire a person to be entrusted with this process (among many other job duties) now can be maintained by a collateral management system.

78% of Marketers have a closet or warehouse full of old materials*

Different divisions of a company can have access to current materials while reducing waste and redundancy. Changes can be quickly made globally and introduced locally for consistency and compliance. The integrity of the brand is a key asset to any company. Ensuring that all divisions of a company have the right materials, at the right time can be impossible without a well-designed management system.

The first thing you will notice after implementing a collateral management system is a significant decrease in the amount of time spent managing printed collateral. No more chasing after the right version of a manual or wondering if the logo has been updated on a business card file.

Consistency will begin to be visible in your brand message and appearance across all channels. No more old layouts from one department going out while another department decided to cobble one together on their own and slap it on some brochures. Keeping everyone on the same page, literally and figuratively, will start saving money immediately.

It doesn’t stop with marketing materials. Company stationery, business cards, promotional items, training documents and other public-facing materials will all benefit from being managed online. A good agency with solid roots in online collateral management will be willing and able to help devise and implement a strategy suited for your needs.

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