Pixa Post!

Jul 14, 2020

Pixa Post!

Jul 14, 2020

What’s better than direct mail? Pixa Post!

Pixa Post takes direct mail and levels up by mixing in online advertising and tracking features.

It’s an integrated system that was created to maximize your marketing impact.


Call Tracking

Included call tracking allows you to see the exact data and results of your campaigns (and record and listen to sales calls), which lets you quality check for better results as they’re rolling in — and in the future.

Online Follow Up

Your Pixa Post campaign includes a Google campaign that displays follow-up ads to your prospects all across the internet, keeping leads warm until they’re ready to buy.

Social Media Follow Up

In addition to online follow up, we can also set you up with social media follow up. By re-marketing your ad on Facebook, you are able to stay in front of your top prospects.

Social Match

We are now able to match 40-60% of your mailing list with their associated Facebook and Instagram accounts, which means you can begin marketing your ad to your audience while your piece is still in the mail.

SocialMatch is a 14-day program that begins displaying ads the day your mailing piece goes out. This means that by the time your piece hits mailboxes, your audience is already familiar with your brand. That familiarity can increase response rates drastically!

You get all of the above with Pixa Post and it’s all available in one dashboard, making it a convenient place to track your data and see your results. You can view how many times the follow up ads have been seen and how many clicks they received. you can also listen to your recorded calls in this one-stop dashboard.

Ready for the power of Pixa Post?

Great! We can get you set up! Give us a call at 480.380.2201 to get started.

To learn more about direct mail, snag our free guide below!

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