Variable Data Printing

Oct 30, 2019

Variable Data Printing

Oct 30, 2019

Dear Friend, 


Dear Current Resident,


To the Homeowner,


To Whom it May Concern,


…You’ve seen these greetings. They’re everywhere and they’re impersonal. They don’t speak directly to the recipient, but rather to whoever happened to check the mail that day. Wouldn’t it make more sense to personalize your printed efforts? What if you could speak DIRECTLY to Bob, the homeowner or Mary, the current resident? Wouldn’t Bob and Mary be more likely to read your piece if they see their name?


Enter Variable Data Printing.


Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing, which includes elements such as text, graphics, images, etc. that may be changed (variable) from one piece to the next, without slowing down the printing process by using a database.

You can design a postcard with static information that carries across all pieces, but you can address each piece to the specific person it’s meant for, with an image that best suits their demographic and a call to action that incorporates a personalized url.

Essentially, this means that you can order 10,000 unique postcards, targeted to your audience in a way that speaks to them directly. And it’s been proven to increase ROI. Because people like to feel valued-and you’re showing them you value them when you take the extra steps to personalize your pieces. It creates an instant connection with the recipient.


Are you ready to connect personally with your audience?




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