Dec 16, 2022

2023 Color of the Year

Welcome to Your Big Break, Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta has been declared the 2023 Color of the Year by Pantone, the indisputable color experts. And it’s easy to see why, as she walks the red carpet in all her crimson based glory. Photographers shout at her, asking about her dress and who she’s with tonight but she struts along unphased. Viva Magenta is powerful and strong, vibrating with vim and vigor. She’s practically pulsating, an icon for optimism and joy.

When she reaches a reporter, she confidently expresses that she’s wearing nothing but herself tonight and is proud to be there on her own. She goes on to exclaim that she’s honored to be chosen but she welcomes all to take part in the celebration. She is, she proclaims, for anyone and everyone who has a verve for life and a rebellious spirit. The crowd is speechless, silently taking in her electrifying presence.

Viva Magenta continues to regale her audience with her backstory. She’s a hybrid color, the perfect balance of warm and cool, comfortable in both the physical and digital realm. She is rooted in nature, but her transcendence will carry us beautifully into the future.

We are in good hands for the year, enveloped in a stunningly rich shade of red that expands our horizons and reminds us all that new opportunities are just around the corner. Viva 2023.