Jun 15, 2020

How to Design a Great Mailer

Make sure your direct mail piece makes it to the most coveted spot- the armpit. If your mail piece makes it there it means it will be read and more importantly, avoid being thrown in the trash immediately.

The bottom line is that your direct mail piece must grab your recipient’s attention in order to avoid being thrown in the trash. And catching their attention isn’t just achieved through the design, but also through the format. Make sure that before you even begin designing, you determine which mailing format will make the most impact on your target audience.

Some common mailing formats include:

  • postcard
  • standard letter
  • package

Once you decide on format, you can begin on the design. Make sure that the design choices you make are reflective of your brand. You want to build brand awareness and make sure that your colors and fonts align with other marketing collateral. You also want to focus on getting someone’s attention in a short amount of time, so think of bold headlines, eye catching imagery and a clear call to action.

The goal is to stand out from all of the other mail your recipient gets every day!

But no matter how beautiful your mail piece is, if it doesn’t adhere to USPS regulations, it won’t make it to its intended audience. Make sure your design does not cross over into the violation area and if using a window envelope, be sure that the address is not cut off.

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