How Well Is Your Direct Mail Working?

Apr 15, 2024

How Well Is Your Direct Mail Working?

Apr 15, 2024


Feeling lost in the vast expanse of direct mail space?

It’s like navigating through asteroid fields blindfolded, right? Well, prepare for lift-off, because Pixa Post is your mission control for direct mail domination!

Launching Your Campaigns into Orbit

With Pixa Post, we don’t just send your mail; we launch it into the cosmos. Imagine your campaigns traversing the universe, seamlessly integrating with the top 7 most powerful channels:

Social Media Match

Our technology syncs your direct mail recipients with their social media profiles. Suddenly, your mail isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a digital conversation starter.

Google Retargeting Ads

Ever noticed how that product you were eyeing online seems to follow you everywhere? That’s retargeting magic! We’ll make sure your direct mail does the same.


Yes, email still matters! Our system tracks when your mail arrives and syncs it with personalized email follow-ups. Double the impact, double the engagement.


Text messages are like cosmic whispers. We’ll help you send timely SMS reminders or exclusive offers to keep your audience engaged.

Web Tracking

Our radar detects who clicked on your digital ads after receiving your mail. It’s like having a telescope pointed at your audience’s behavior.

Call Tracking

When your phone rings, we’ll know if it’s because of your mail. It’s like intercepting extraterrestrial signals!

Website Visits

We’ll tell you who visited your website after receiving your mail. It’s like tracking footprints on a distant planet.

The Mission Control Center

All this data? It’s not floating in space; it’s neatly organized in our user-friendly dashboard. Think of it as our mission control center. You’ll see when the mail arrived, who engaged with it, and which channels they explored. It’s like having your own constellation of insights.

So, why settle for a bumpy ride when you can soar through the stars with Pixa Post? Let’s turn your direct mail strategy into a rocket-powered adventure!

Remember, in the vast direct mail galaxy, Pixa Post is your North Star. Get ready for liftoff!

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