the challenge

Ever hear the phrase strike while the iron’s hot? When a client comes to you asking for a new brand, marketing materials—brochure, Powerpoint presentation, website, as well as a messaging strategy in less than two weeks, what can you do? You say “yes!” and then you go and figure it out.

our approach

Kairos was created out of a need to provide Employee Benefits options for public entities in Arizona. Working with people that are passionate about providing something better, easier and different falls into our sweet spot. We set out to create a look and feel for Kairos that would stand out from its competitors and be relevant to its target audience.

We saw success with the first integrated campaign using email and personalized landing pages. The announcement of a new option in the employee benefits arena was well received.

the happy-ever-after

As a valued partner we continue to grow the business through other avenues including:

  • event marketing
  • sales enablement
  • targeted display ads
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