Offline Marketing in an Online World

Nov 3, 2022

Offline Marketing in an Online World

Nov 3, 2022

What’s the value of traditional marketing in a world full of screens?

The world is increasingly happening online. Let’s face it. I mean, you’re reading this very article ON A SCREEN. Probably your phone, maybe a desktop, but a screen nonetheless. And most likely, you spend a lot of your time looking at screens throughout your day. You check your email, keep up with friends on social media, add some items to cart so you don’t even need to step foot in a store. You might even work remotely, meaning your entire job takes place online.

So…where does this leave traditional marketing?

Offline marketing is any kind of marketing that doesn’t take place on a screen. Think print ads, billboards, flyers, etc. And you may be thinking that print is dead and VIVA LA SCREENS! But you’d actually be Viva la WRONG. More traditional types of marketing still have value in a world dominated by digital and that’s because it has something that can’t be achieved online. Its TANGIBLE. Try as they might, digital pieces just don’t have the lasting power that physical items do.

Without getting to far down a scientific rabbit hole, studies have shown that touching something leaves a more lasting impression in the human mind than seeing the same thing would on a screen. Call it a trick of psychology or a feature of biology or call it what I think it is…MAGIC. It’s probably that. Whatever the reason behind it, the fact remains. Physical items have better longevity than digital.

So rest assured that those business cards you print for each new employee or those mailers you send out quarterly are actually working wonders for your marketing efforts. Of course, we recommend a multi-channel approach that combines the best of offline and online marketing for maximum results.





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