Paper: A Marketing Powerhouse

Aug 20, 2019

Paper: A Marketing Powerhouse

Aug 20, 2019

Thanks to freedom of speech, people can say just about anything they want. Even things that aren’t true, like the earth is flat and print is dead. Yep, you can disagree all you want, flat earthers, but print is alive and well on this spherical planet we call home. 

Here’s the truth: print didn’t die. Like a lot of things, it simply changed to keep up with the digital revolution. Yes, some newspapers closed their doors and moved online. And ok, bookstores went out of business while e-readers flew off the shelves. And I can’t deny that you’re reading this right now, on a screen, no ink used. When the internet took over, print took a hit. It waned in popularity for sure, but it never gave up.

And that’s good news because guess what? People are starting to long for the days before everything was backlit. People are constantly trying to “unplug.” Hearing “you’ve got mail” used to be so exciting!  But now that cute sound alert doesn’t even exist because if it did, it would never cease. We would all go crazy and that would be the end of mankind. Extinction by email notifications.

So now, after all this time, print is starting to re-emerge as a powerful way to reach people. Because it has something that doesn’t exist digitally. It’s TANGIBLE. And in today’s world, people are starved of that. Print is an experience. You can hold it in your hands and physically feel it. And studies have shown that touching something inherently makes it more memorable than viewing it on a screen.

Printers today have an arsenal of tools available that can create an experience in and of themselves. From sophisticated folds and textured finishes to specialized inks and varying weights, paper has the ability to make a piece stand out. For example, a heavy weight paper implies significance, while a high gloss finish can denote luxury. There are edge details available to add dimension and rough, organic textures to indicate a natural feel. There are even paper finishes called soft-touch that make the piece feel almost velvety. It’s incredibly intriguing and hard to put down-which makes it a great ambassador for your communications.

So the next time you need something printed, ask us about your substrate options. Let’s make your piece as powerful as possible through paper.



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