the challenge

Sometimes you just need a jump-start, a reboot or a refresh. UMOM, a highly regarded non-profit in the valley, was going through some changes – new staff, larger financial goals and an impending merger. Time to put on a new face for the public. “Make it match the new us” they said.

our approach

Fire up the coffee pot! With key stakeholders we dug around the inner workings of the organization. We mapped out a baseline of current communications and quickly highlighted areas of opportunity. We specifically focused on donors and volunteers.

the happy-ever-after

Still high on caffeine, we worked with UMOM to redefine their engagement strategy. It looked kind of like this:

  • segment constituencies
  • develop key message points
  • evolve the volunteer experience
  • Unifying everyone at UMOM around a common goal means success and forward progress.
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