VDP is the MVP

Jan 18, 2022

VDP is the MVP

Jan 18, 2022

First off, bonus points to anyone who knows what VDP stands for…you’re ready to level up from this article, you little marketing rockstar. For the rest of you, take note. VDP is variable data print and it’s pretty cool.

To put it simply (although VDP can be complex), it’s a form of digital printing in which certain elements, such as text, images, graphics, etc. can be changed or VARIABLE from one piece to the next. And that change happens automatically, so there’s no need to stop the presses or slow down production in any way. All of the information that is variable is stored in a database, which is then paired with the print job. Like magic.

So this means that personalized mail is much more personal. No more “Dear Friend” or “Current Homeowner.” In fact, VDP takes it even further than the standard “Dear Mary.” Yes, you should personalize the recipient’s name, but that’s just the tip of the VDP iceberg.

In addition to speaking directly to Mary, you can also change the image to reflect someone in Mary’s demographic, down to the location, gender, marital status, age and ethnicity. You can even personalize based on income level, purchase history and brand preferences. Text and colors can be tweaked as well from one piece to the next. Then, you can tie it all together with a compelling call to action that’s personal as well. Think a personalized URL.

All of this “magic” means your piece has a better chance for success since data shows that people are more likely to act when they feel personally called to do so.


Are you ready to let VDP be the MVP in your next marketing campaign?

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