Webinar Invitations…the Perfect Ask

Tips & Tricks for getting the most out of your webinar invitation.


Welcome to the world of Webinars! Technology now allows us to connect with our ideal audience on their terms, which probably means they’re in sweat pants on the couch. But hey, that’s amazing. You have the ability to speak directly to your target demographic, while they are at their most comfortable. If you aren’t using webinars, you’re losing out on an opportunity to build direct relationships with your customers. But, before you actually get to the actual webinar, you need to send out an invitation. This could be the single most important part of the entire process, because without a good invite, you won’t have a good turn out.

So, let’s get to crafting the perfect webinar invitation, shall we? You’re invited…to continue reading this blog post and discover how to thrill your audience from the moment they open their inbox.

STEP ONE: Subject Lines for the Win

The subject line is the first impression your recipient will have with your invitation. In fact, if it isn’t compelling, your email won’t even be opened and you will have lost the game before you even got to play. So, make sure your subject line is short and sweet and to the point.

STEP TWO: Personalize Everything

Much like an invitation to a personal event would be addressed to someone by name, the more you can personalize a webinar invitation, the better results you will get. Referring to the recipient by name will make them feel more connected to your message.

STEP THREE: Show Value

Make sure to include enough information in the invite to show what value your webinar provides. Use bullet points for easy reading and explain what can be expected from attending. And be clear about the date and time. Be sure to consider the timeline. You don’t want to invite people to a last minute event. Give them enough time to plan ahead, but not too much time to forget.


What do you want the recipient to do? Sign up? Visit a site? Be clear and make it prominent so they are guided to the next step easily and effortlessly.

STEP FIVE: Make it Look Good

Design is worth its weight in gold. A visually appealing design will make you look more professional, adding to your credibility and will get the recipient more excited about your event.

STEP SIX: Reminders

The day before ethe event, send a simple reminder email that includes the date and time again.

That’s it! You’re just SIX steps away from a compelling and effective webinar invitation.

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