Will your REAL brand voice, please stand up?

Feb 15, 2024

Will your REAL brand voice, please stand up?

Feb 15, 2024

In a world of copycats, it’s important to be yourself! If you’re asking yourself, but how? We got you! Here goes. Let’s start with first things first: research.


You may not have thought about including research as part of developing your brand voice, but it is a very important first step. What do you need to research? Lots of things—your clients, your industry, your competition—to name a few key ingredients. You need to know what your competitors sound like so you don’t sound like them. Knowing your target audience will help you consider who you’re talking to and trying to reach.


Are you ready for some tough questions? Good! This will help you define your brand personality. After all, creating a strong brand spotlights who you are and what you value most. This is a good time to narrow down your company’s values. You might find yourself deciding between honesty or collaboration as your highest value. Or what about gratitude or humor, which rises to the top in your business? These are the very qualities that will help create your brand personality. Outline your values and you’re well on the way to finding your voice.

Mission & Vision

Why do you do what you do? Before you share your elevator speech here, stop and really think—what is my why? Your mission defines your company’s reason for being so it’s crucial that you know what you’re about accomplishing. Once you know your mission, add a vision statement—your goals and objectives for the future. Now you’re one step further ahead in defining your brand voice.


Are you ready for some fun? It’s time to determine exactly what customers can expect from your company. What will they receive? What will be their customer experience? Make a list, check it twice, then see how it guides your voice!


When it comes to categorizing and classifying, you’ll find that archetypes can give your company human characteristics that will help demonstrate what interactions will look like between you and your customers. Are you an explorer? A caregiver? A hero? Decipher, decide, and put that archetype to use in developing your brand voice.

Now that you’ve researched your industry and customers, whittled down your top priority values, defined your mission with a vision statement, outlined your expectations and identified your archetype, it’s time to sit down and put all the pieces of the puzzle together to create your brand personality and voice. If you need help, we’re here for you, and we can’t wait to help you find the real you with an authentic voice that shines like the stars.

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