Sep 17, 2023

Writing Annual Appeals? Follow These Best Practices!

When it comes to fundraising, writing an annual appeal letter can be a daunting task. After all, you have to make sure the letter is strong, persuasive, and engaging enough to encourage readers to donate. But don’t worry—you don’t need any special skills or superpowers to write a great annual appeal letter. All you need are some best practices that will help you craft the perfect pitch.

Set A Goal
Before you start writing your appeal letter, it’s important to set a goal for how much money you want to raise. This goal should be realistic and achievable given the size of your organization’s donor base as well as the resources available for your campaign. Setting a goal gives your appeal direction and structure, so make sure it’s clear from the outset what readers can expect from your organization if they choose to donate.

Make It Personal
No one likes form letters—especially when it comes to asking for donations. Make sure you personalize each and every one of your letters by addressing them directly to the recipient by name. Donors are more likely to give if they feel like they are personally making a difference. Additionally, use language that demonstrates your appreciation for their support while also making sure they understand why their donations are necessary in order for your organization to succeed.

Be Specific About What You Need
When asking someone for money, make sure you’re specific about what exactly their donation will go towards supporting. People will be more willing to give if they know exactly where their hard-earned dollars are going—whether that’s funding research initiatives or supporting local programs in the community. The clearer you are about what exactly people’s donations will go towards, the better chance you have at getting them on board with contributing financially.

Writing an effective annual appeal doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating as long as you follow these best practices! By setting specific goals, making personal connections with donors, and providing specifics about how their donations will be used, you can create an effective annual appeal that will convince people why donating matters now more than ever before! With these tips in mind, let’s get writing those letters!