Yesterday, today, tomorrow, we’re here for you

As we sat down and started writing our next message to our community, we realized that sending something with a dose of hope and positivity because We’re Here for You.

All of us at PIXA are following strict CDC guidelines and beyond to ensure the safety of our staff, families, and neighbors.

“When things are good, they’re not as good as they appear to be. And when things are bad, they’re not as bad as they appear to be.” This too shall pass, the hope is this will pass rather quickly compared to other economic downturns throughout our history.

Additionally, we offer the following thoughts at a time when optimism is in short supply:


Believe in your community.

More often than not, people will rise to the occasion! Don’t underestimate the human potential for kindness. We’re all in this together, and by lifting one another up, things will get better, faster.

Be the faith in your community.

Reach out to those around you, especially the elderly and vulnerable. A phone call, text, or quick check-in goes a long way. Share that extra bar of soap or bottle of hand sanitizer. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most.

Support local businesses.

This crisis has been especially hard for small businesses. Now, more than ever, consider take-out food from your favorite restaurant or a gift card from that unique shop nearby. Help keep things going as we approach (re) opening day!

How can we help? Please reach out to one of our team members via email, phone or our form submission. We stand ready to step up in any way we can to assist with your marketing and communication efforts.

Finally, remember this simple yet powerful fact: a wave, a smile and some kind words, even from a distance, still provide comfort and optimism.

Wishing you continued good health!


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