Jan 14, 2020

How to measure the success of your direct mail campaign

The first step to measuring the success of your direct mail campaign is to do it! You have to start with a plan and an overall objective. If you know what you’re shooting for it’s easy to see if you’ve achieved it.

To determine if a direct mail campaign is successful, you need to know what success looks like. What is the ideal outcome of the campaign? In short, what are you trying to accomplish? Having a goal to shoot for is the most important first step when starting a direct mail campaign.

Think about it—it would be impossible to hit a goal if you don’t have one, right?

So, let’s look at some possible goals for a direct mail campaign:

  • Are you trying to get more foot traffic?
  • More visitors to your website?
  • More sales of a certain product?

Once you have an idea of your aim, the next step is analyzing the data to see if you reached your goal. To do so, you’ll need to review some key metrics, such as response rate, conversion rate, cost per lead, cost per conversion, etc. You can track this information through trackable phone numbers, promo codes, personalized urls, etc.

A good direct mail response rate can vary depending on your industry and campaign, however a typical response rate is usually under a percentage point. It sounds low, but that’s average.


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